Pavement finishing technology

Road surfaces rough

It’s the type of surface that is used, for example, in internal squares, internal roads, parking lots. Due to the fact that these surfaces are exposed to continued weather conditions, concrete construction, and concrete mix composition have to be designed in such a way so that it meets the standard requirements – water resistance and frost resistance.
The special structure, so-called the brush ensures non-slip. An important factor is also the selection of material to fill expansion joints.

Resin floors

Resin floors are made on surfaces with increased requirements e.g, for chemical resistance, easy to clean. Depending on desired effects, they can be with the addition of quartz sand or characterize with the smooth structure. They contain a rich variety of colours and methd how it is made.

Mineral curing

This type of surface is the most common in production and storage halls. Mineral curing, so-called “surface hardening” is made through rubbing an appropriate amount of dry mineral sprinkle into fresh concrete and then smoothing with mechanical trowels – one and two rotors. In our company, the application of hardening is made by manual seeding machines so-called trucks or mechanical using the Laser Screed STS-132 machine. Additionally, after finishing smoothing, appropriate maintenance should be carried out by applying suitable means or covering the surface with foil.

Mechanical smoothing

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